Introducing our film "Stanislav Stanek My Blues and Greens", the 2009 winner of the BEIJING FILM FESTIVAL CRYING MONKEY AWARD for non-fiction film.
Director: Petr Kepka, Executive Producer: Ivan Stanek, Music: Petr Kepka, Language: English, Duration: 75 minutes, USA-CZECH Production, Copyright © Poetic Video 2007–2009.

First official US screening of "Stanislav Stanek My Blues and Greens" was held in NYC on August 25, 2009. Please see the invitation for event details.

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“Stanislav Stanek My Blues and Greens” is a poetic portrait of the life and art of the best academy-trained Czech painter of his generation, Stanislav Stanek, a victim of the dark communist era who triumphed over the politics of his time through his unstoppable love for the beauty of life. Employing unconventional technique to biography, “Stanislav Stanek My Blues and Greens” captures the spirit of Stanek's work and the philosophy by which he lives his life through a series of stories and anecdotes in the artist's own words. The film marries image, music, and meaning to immerse the viewer in the mind of the artist, providing a poetic insight into Stanek's own experience as he goes through the process of creating his work. He is shown at home and at work, painting and talking with his sons, discussing the relative merits of using nude models, or reminiscing about playing tennis in the halls of the famous art academy. His stories are funny and poignant. Simple tales about his childhood in Prague are interspersed with thoughtful discussions on the meaning of art, all of it infused with Stanek's wry sense of humor. “Stanislav Stanek My Blues and Greens” opens a window into the mind of the artist, both through its creative and poetic visuals. The images flow from one story to the next, from scenes of Stanek at home with his sons, or enjoying the beauty of the Czech landscape he finds so inspiring, to showing the progress of one of his paintings from start to finish. It is a moving, eloquent portrait of the life of a man who spent most of his 80 years trying to bring more beauty into an already beautiful world. The world premiere of this film took place in Beijing, China in March 2009. This movie was also featured at the 2008 Montreal International Film Market and Marché du Film in Cannes 2008.

"Rarely do we have the chance to experience a film where a great painter is captured at such close range, and so intimately, along with his vision of Prague, 'the little mother' and 'city of a hundred spires', and of the life in her. It is a film-poem created by Petr Kepka and infused with great love and fantasy."
Vojtěch Jasný, 13. October 2009, Jackson Heights, New York, USA

"'Stanislav Stanek My Blues And Greens' is a story to unite artists throughout the world in an appreciation of talent, spirit, and philosophy. Here in Beijing, artists come together from all over China, looking for international sources of inspiration and Petr Kepka's documentary has their rapt attention." Peter Sallade

"I watched your movie 'Stanilav Stanek My Blues and Greens' several times. It reflects the life of a great artist, so natural but deep with emotion and love for art. Thank you for sharing your art with the people.” Zhou Guangren

"Ivan, thank you for presenting your father Stanislav Stanek and his art to the world. Your film beautifully shows his vision and his technique, his preference for "blues and greens" of landscapes, yet also his mastery of portraits and constructing grand pieces in museums and an opera house. The cinematography is wonderful. The beauty of Prague is his background and we see him paint from start to finish one of her bridges. We know the vision is in his head, but still marvel how black lines and dabs of color and thumb smudges create the final product. His reminiscences in a sepia tone delineate the past and are helpful because we want to know his history. The nude sequence in which his vision of the beautiful female body slowly changes to that of his beloved landscapes and simple flowers is an absolute delight." Sandy Bouras

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For more information on Stanislav Stanek please access Stanek Gallery.